48 thoughts on “Bus 27 is a myth!

  1. romicagawon says:

    Nice collection. I find the one with the reflection of the sun set(?) in the puddle very intriguing. Such a nice combination of colours, timing and composition :)

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    1. Hello and thank you! Iยดm using a Sony A57, a Tamron 18-270mm and a Sony 35mm f1,8 for most of my night shots. Pretty basic equipment, but decent quality if you consider the price. I hope to upgrade to a Sony A7 this year. :)


  2. orijinalchris says:

    The title reminds me of a film I once saw, that ended with someone catching a bus that was not supposed to exist, and escaping a crap life for something better… can’t remember the name of the film, unfortunately.


    1. Haha, but it was impossible to find and i so wanted to go up that hill…I very much enjoyed your story. Very well written and entertaining. I did, in fact, take pictures of an empty carriage in NYC. Its going to be online soon. ;)


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