Yeast for dinner

Yeast for dinner

29 thoughts on “Yeast for dinner

  1. I scrolled by this serveral times and then finally thought… Ok I’ll bite, what the heck is yeast for dinner about. Sure glad I looked. These images are beautiful. :)


  2. I really like the way you look at things – and to me that is Photography about.
    With all my modesty, I understand your vision as I have a similar one to yours and taste too.
    Glad to find your Blog :) Kind regards


  3. Alex Roan says:

    I love your compositions, I can see some ‘compositional rules’, but mixed with some broken rules, which make some of these pictures look fairly unique to me & pleasing to the eye.


    1. Thank you very much Manja. Much appreciated. It took the picture of the residential building on my last morning in Rome. It was between 5 and 6am and i was already on my way to the airport. After a week of touristic crowds, high temperatures and lots of heavy traffic, i very much enjoyed that moment of quietness with empty streets and fresh morning air coming from the big park nearby. Of course you can hardly capture all that in a picture…but it is still a great reminder for me personally.

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